Founded in 1999, b|u|g studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in bangkok. The award-winning work spans the diverse in architecture interior and museum design, corporate branding, commercial advertising, and strategic branding

The combination of a passion for listening to clients, while offering innovative suggestions exemplifies our commitment to the project objectives. Thus, we are able to create compelling marketing materials and design strategies utilizing sustainable practices that accelerate the personal and business success of our clients. b|u|g favors the one-on-one approach to the provision of customer service, and never engages intermediaries. We are committed to excellence by offering clients sophisticated designs and innovative solutions

Led by Winai Chairakpong from our studio in Bangkok, we strive to capture the best of the past and the contemporary in order to shape the future of the designed world. Together with our group’s sister companies inProductions we offer full range of creative services from design inception, strategic branding and execution of the contemplated visualization.